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Shanghai University Think-Tank  “Research Base on National Marine Strategy and Rights”

“Shanghai University Think-Tank” is a Think-Tank group jointly built by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Universities, which is designed to provide policy advice and intellectual support for major strategic needs of economic and social development for both country and Shanghai City. Relying on subject characteristics, achievement accumulation and talent advantage of colleges and universities in Shanghai, “Shanghai University Think-Tank” builds a professional team which has conducted long-term follow-up study of core problems in the field of economic and social development of the whole country and Shanghai City, so as to support the country and enlighten the people, and strive to build professional think tanks with international influence. 

Shanghai University Think-Tank “Research Base on National Marine Strategy and Rights” settled in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in July, 2013, which is the only Think-Tank on oceanic issues among the first ten Think-Tanks. The organization of this Think-Tank were relying on Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Center for Rule of Ocean Law Studies and SJTU - Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development. Our Think-Tank researchs on interdisciplinary issues in the field of marine based on the research of ocean laws and policies. Integrated superiority subjects of SJTU, such as ship design, marine science, marine technology, marine engineering, international relations, culture and geography, our Think-Tank has formed characteristic studying of marine policy and ocean strategy, development of polar and deep-sea resources and environmental protection, maintenance of marine rights and interests and solutions of maritime disputes, maritime law and marine management.

Since its approved, Shanghai University Think-Tank “Research Base on National Marine Strategy and Rights” has completed the establishment and specialized deployment of management team, research team, administrators and other teams successively. Our Think-Tank pays attention to motivate personnel in scientific research and innovation through the establishment of a evaluation and incentive mechanism with the standard of substantial contributions. It also has held many international conferences and lectures on the issues of nation's ocean strategies, ocean rights and interests, etc., which has provided policy consultation report for the national marine related management institutions. All this time, Our Think-Tank has been becoming a well-known Think-Tank with a perfect mechanism and complete functions.

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