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The Center for Rule of Ocean Law Studies (Ocean Law Center), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is adapted in January 2016 from the Center for Ocean Law and Policy, which was founded in October 2009 in this prestigious university. 

The Ocean Law Center focuses on the basic legal theory and state practice on the law of the sea. It strives to train specialized personnel in ocean law, policy, and management, advance China's practice on marine law theory and implementation, and promote the overall development of China’s marine affairs with its theoretical research works. Meanwhile, the Ocean Law Center emphasizes the research balance on rule of law theory and its practice, maintains close collaboration with ocean-related governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, institutions, and enterprises. By carrying out concentrated research projects, it aims to promote better understanding and fundamental knowledge of the ocean law, facilitate the formulation of marine strategy, and promote the implementation practice of law and policy in general and for marine resource conservation and environmental protection in particular.

The Ocean Law Center is affiliated to KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and it incorporates relevant disciplines and outstanding scholars with strong interest in marine affairs in the law school and other faculties. It engages itself in research questions on the rule of law from multi-disciplinary fields related to the world’s ocean and seas, and progresses itself toward a capable team of great potential with build-up strength, effective mechanism, and sound research records. Looking forward, the Ocean Law Center embraces the systematic research of China's ocean law and policy issues so as to provide theoretical support and policy recommendations for the advancement of China's marine legal system, handling of maritime disputes, safeguarding the existing and potential marine rights and interests towards a maritime power.

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