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Recruitment of Postdoctoral

[ Release time]: 2016-07-06 [ source]: [reading]:1840次

Due to the needs for development, SJTU-Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development now is recruiting 2 to 3 post doctoral researchers. Recruitment conditions are as follows:

I. Research Fields

(1) Polar law and policy

(2) Exploitation of deep sea resources and environmental protection

(3) Ocean shipping and marine industry

(4) Marine security and international relations

(5) History and culture of marine science and technology

(6) Marine resources development and environmental protection

II. Application Requirements

(1) Doctor's degree in international law, marine law and policy, marine environment, international shipping, and other related majors;

(2) The ones with research background of polar and deep ocean laws, policies, environment, resources, shipping and other related aspects will be preferred;

(3) Be keen on scientific research, with rigorous academic attitude, independent research ability and good team workspirit;

(4) Healthy, hard-working, positive and no more than 40 years old.

III. Position Responsibilities

(1) To complete scientific research of the center;

(2) To complete related topics and publish papers at high level;

(3) To assist the completion of relevant application work for the center.

IV. Position Treatment

To implement relevant regulations of postdoctoral researchers of Shanghai Jiao Tong university

V. Start Date for the Work and Related Matters

1. Start Date: Anytime

2. Application Materials: Please send your Candidates for Application together with resume (including learning experience, work experience, skill level, performance of work, copies of all kinds of certificates etc.), and postdoctoral research plan to our center responsible for email (theme ‘postdoctoral applications’).

VI. Contact Information

Tele.: 021-34207499

Email Add.:

Contact Add.: Room 202, South Building of Michigan School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, No.800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai City 

Postcode: 200240

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