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Recruitment of Part-time Researcher

[ Release time]: 2016-07-06 [ source]: [reading]:1581次

Shanghai University Think Tank, Shanghai Social Science Innovation Research Base “Research Base on National Marine Strategy and Rights” to employ Part-time Researchers

In order to make full use of the talent resources of law of the sea both domestic and abroad, those who have experiences in the law of the sea, academically or practically can apply for the positions of part-time researchers. Part time researchers are responsible for the strategic planning and guidance of problem selection, construction object of the base’s academic development planning and research fields, writing academic achievements and policy notes, and so on. The base will issue appointment certificate and sign contract with part-time researchers.

Please send your resumes, publications, research plans to email address of the base

Contact Information:

Contact Add.: Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, No.800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai City  (Room 202, South Building of Michigan School)

Postcode: 200140

Tele,/Fax: 021-34207499

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