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Law of the Sea Studies Contributions Call for Papers

[ Release time]: 2016-07-06 [ source]: [reading]:1748次

Law of the Sea Studies (semiyearly) is a journal focusing on the theory and practice of the law of the sea and sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Center for Rule of Ocean Law Studies and SJTU - Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development, which mainly reflects the latest achievements and developments of domestic and international ocean law and policy research. The purposes of Law of the Sea Studies are to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese maritime law, the theory and practice of the law of the sea, and provide theoretical support and academic reference to the development of Maritime Law.

The journal will be issued in two collections every year, whose first issue will be published in July, 2016.

The journal takes ‘ocean idea, countermeasure analysis, China problems, world vision’ as the objective of publication, aims at the frontier trends of marine legal theory research and international law of the sea practice, and conducts in-depth discussions of significant and specific marine legal issues which China is facing with now. The journal provides with the fixed columns, namely theory and practice of the law of the sea, deep sea research, polar dynamic and Nanhai focus. In addition, the flexibly settled columns called ‘Book Review’, ‘Presentations on Special Topic’, ‘Learn to Summary’, ‘Review Dynamics’ and ‘Important Information’ as supplements. We sincerely welcome law researchers with excellent contributions both domestic and overseas. The remuneration is always ready for you.

Contribution requirement

1. The manuscript is evaluated according to its academic research. The ones with high perspicacity, full reasoning, rigorous logic and standard language are preferred. The contribution must be within 10,000 words, excellent ones can be liberalized from this rules. The authors take full responsibilities for their articles.

2. Manuscript should be accompanied by a brief introduction of the author (for example: Zhang Haiyang (1975 -), Male, Han Nationality, Registered Residence: Jiangsu, Haimen, Deputy President, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of School of law Tokai University, Doctor of Law, Main Research Field: the International Law of the Sea, Host City: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Postcode: 872666, Telephone Number: 1381234567, Email:, abstract, keywords, notes, name the fund f there is one, serial number. Article title, abstract and key words should be translated into English. 

3. All the contributions must take the form of electronic version and be sent to the email of Editorial Department:, and be saved as ‘Word’ format.

4. The author must ensure that the copyright dose not infringe upon that of other persons or organizations, and it is strictly prohibited to copy other works and multiple drafts of a manuscript. The author or translator of the contribution will be regarded to have read, understood and agree with this statement.

5. Please follow the rules on citation, see attachment: Citation Specification.

6. The dedline is May 31, 2016.

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