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Vacancy Announcement for Executive Secretary

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The Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) invites applications for the position of Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty.

The ATCM, consisting of 29 Consultative Parties, meets annually to consult on the application and implementation of the Antarctic Treaty.  The Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Further information is available at www.ats.aq.

The Executive Secretary manages a small administrative staff to carry out the duties of the Secretariat assigned to it by the ATCM.  The Executive Secretary presents and manages the Secretariat’s budget, supports the organisation of the ATCM, and performs other duties identified by the ATCM.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must satisfy the following selection criteria:

1)     Demonstrated experience or detailed knowledge of the operations of international meetings or intergovernmental organisations.

2)      Demonstrated high level of managerial and leadership experience and competence in areas including:

(a)    selection and supervision of professional, administrative and technical staff;

(b)   preparation of financial budgets and the management of expenditures;

(c)    organisation of meetings and provision of secretariat support for high level committees; and

(d)   oversight and management of computer services and information technology.

3)      Familiarity with Antarctic affairs, including the principles of the Antarctic Treaty and the scope of activities in the region.

4)      Fluency in one of the four official working languages of the ATCM, i.e. English, French, Russian or Spanish.

5)      Hold a university degree, academic degree, or equivalent qualification.

6)      Be a national of an Antarctic Treaty Consultative Party.

Salary and Allowances

Details of remuneration and allowances are available from the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty on request.

The appointment will be for a term of four years with the possibility of one additional four‑year appointment.


The Depositary Government will draw up a short‑list of applicants by 15 January 2017. Interviews of the short‑listed candidates will occur during ATCM XL to be held in Beijing, China, tentatively from 15 May 2017.  The successful candidate will be announced at that meeting.


The individual chosen for the post of Executive Secretary should be available to commence duties no later than 1 September 2017.

Additional Information

Please consult the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty website: www.ats.aq for complete information on remuneration and allowances; duties; selection criteria; the application process; staff regulations; and other relevant documents.

Closing Date

Applicants should check the national closing date for applications with their own Consultative Party government.

Please consult the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty website: www.ats.aq for the national government contact details of the relevant Consultative Party.

Each Consultative Party government will accept applications from its own nationals on the Standard Application Form together with a curriculum vitae and submit them to the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty no later than 16 November 2016. 

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